Our Staff

Great teachers make a difference to children's lives. They make them feel secure and happy at school, they inspire them to learn, and they get involved in all sorts of events and activities. BISC teachers are educated to a high standard; most specialists hold higher degrees or are in membership of professional institutes. All have professional teaching qualifications and are screened for safeguarding purposes.

Whole School Senior Leadership Team
Carlo FerrarioPrincipal
Mona El FawalBusiness Manager
Chris HansenHead of Senior School
Justin DurlingHead of Junior School
Daniel Dorran
Deputy Head of Senior School
Debbie Jones
Deputy Head of Junior School
Senior School Leadership Team
Lauren RogersHead of KS3
Ronan BanksHead of KS4
Hassan AhmedIB Coordinator & Head of Sixth Form
Heads of Year

Luther Hinds  

Head of Year 7

Carole Irigoin

Head of Year 8

Hayley Wilson

Head of Year 9

Trudy Jenkinson

Head of Year 10

Noah Gaafar

Head of Year 11
Gavin BoakHead of Year 12
Hassan AhmedHead of Year 13
Senior School Heads of Departments
Ruth BrierleyHead of Music
Candice JouffraiHead of MFL
Omar SheikhHead of ICT
Sarah FuschilloHead of Science
Jennifer IbrahimHead of Curriculum Support
Peter JenkinsonHead of Art
Chris Beales
Head of Business
Kathryn NutbeemHead of English
Riman NimerHead of Arabic
Chris RobertsDirector of PE
Grace Dennison WhiteHead of PE
Muhammad Rashid
Head of Maths
Georgia ChakosHead of Drama
Jennifer Ibrahim
Head of Curriculum Support
Jose Alvarez
Head of Humanities
Senior School Teaching Staff
Riman NimerDirector of Arabic
Nasr FaragTeacher of Arabic & Art
Abdel Azim Hamza             Teacher of Arabic
Samah ShilbayehTeacher of Arabic
Peter JenkinsonHead of Department
Nasr FaragTeacher of Arabic & Art
Georgia ChakosHead of Department
Kathryn NutbeemHead of Department
Trudy JenkinsonTeacher of English
Caroline Grassby
Teacher of English
Emma TaylorTeacher of English
Noha GafaarTeacher of English
Jose Alvarez
Head of Department
John Paul Downie Teacher of History
Lauren Rogers
Teacher of Geography
Ronan Banks
Teacher of History
Chris BealesHead of Department
Kieran Foxe
Teacher of Business
Noel CorriganTeacher of Business
Hassan Ahmed
Teacher of Business
Omar Sheikh
Head of Department
Imran AshrafTeacher of ICT
Sonia Fuentes
Teacher of ICT
Muhammad RashidHead of Department 
Isabelle DalzellTeacher of Mathematics
Hayley WilsonTeacher of Mathematics
Candice JouffraiHead of Department
Mercedes SanchezTeacher of Spanish
Michaella AbelliTeacher of French
Jonathan Gresse
Teacher of French
Carole IrigoinTeacher of French
Ruth Brierley
Head of Department
Physical Education
Chris RobertsDirector of Sport
Grace Dennison WhiteHead of PE
Helen FoleyTeacher of PE
Warren Adams
Teacher of PE
Ian ArnottTeacher of PE
Luther HindsTeacher of PE
Gavin BoakTeacher of PE
Sarah Fuschillo
Head of Department
Daniel DorranTeacher of Science
Denis KuszynskiTeacher of Science
Christian PedersenTeacher of Physics
Andrew SartainTeacher of Science
Neil Turner
Teacher of Physics
Richard YoungTeacher of Science
Victoria CastleTeacher of Science

Louise Ward

Senior School Librarian

Lucy Barrett

Career & College Counsellor
Junior School Leadership Team
Jennifer FaragHead of Pastoral & Safeguarding Officer
Margaret CashmanFS Coordinator
Elizabeth MubasherKS1 Coordinator
Ben PocockKS2 Coordinator
Junior School Teaching Staff


Margaret CashmanFS Coordinator
Laura English
Junior School Teacher
Racha El Enai
Junior School Teacher

Jane Godfrey

Head of FS2
Nick Rowe

Junior School Teacher

Ryah Younis

Junior School Teacher

Lorraine Stevens

Junior School Teacher

Year 1
Amanda Harvey
Head of Year 1
Elizabeth MubasherKS1 Coordinator
Joanna Horton
Junior School Teacher
Year 2
Emma PagetHead of Year 2
Chyan Blackwood
Junior School Teacher
Kim Taher
Junior School Teacher
Nichola Ward
Junior School Teacher
Year 3
Lauren DaviesHead of Year 3
Ali IssaJunior School Teacher
Nuala HannafinJunior School Teacher
Sandra Diaz
Junior School Teacher
Year 4
Jonathan DaviesHead of Year 4
Anisha Govender
Junior School Teacher
Keziah PersaudJunior School Teacher
Andrea HardingJunior School Teacher
Year 5
Julie MorganHead of Year 5
Gary ScholesJunior School Teacher
Navida BukhariJunior School Teacher
Ramsamy GovenderJunior School Teacher
Year 6
Duncan WadeHead of Year 6
Ben PocockJunior School Teacher
Jennifer FaragJunior School Teacher
Suzanne McQuade
Junior School Teacher
Nasr Farag
Teacher of Arabic & Art
Gavin Cuthberston
Teacher of Music
Tsvetelina KrastevaTeacher of Music
Rula ZakiTeacher of Music
Mika SabetTeacher of Drama
Fabienne TerniedenTeacher of French
Helen Foley
Head of PE
Gavin BoakTeacher of PE
Warren AdamsTeacher of PE
Luther HindsTeacher of PE
Ian Arnott
Teacher of PE
Grace Dennison WhiteTeacher of PE
Chris Roberts
Teacher of PE
Neil TurnerTeacher of Science
Anne TiernanTeacher of ESL
Riman Nemr
Director of Arabic
Amal Zaki
Teacher of Arabic
Helal Ismail
Teacher of Arabic
Wael Farouk
Teacher of Arabic
Passant El Gamil
Teacher of Arabic
Dania Arayssi
Teacher of Arabic
Samah Shelbayah
Teacher of Arabic
Belal Joundeya
Teacher of Arabic
Sarah Yssin
Cover Teacher