Our Alumni

We have a developing alumni network, known as the BISCANs. Two notable things have happened in the last few years: though a young school, we now have the children of alumni studying in the Junior School and, last year, parents elected to the Board the first alumnus of the School.

BISCANs do three things: they act as a social network for ex-students of the School; they promote the involvement of alumni in school events and activities; they encourage gift giving for major school projects through the BISC Foundation Fund.

The BISC Social Network

From time to time, students of specific year groups organise events in Cairo and London. To register your interest or seek further information, please email alumni@bisc.edu.eg

Involvement in School Events & Activities

The School is very keen to involve its alumni in the events and activities of the School. Last year, we held a very successful Careers Fair for Sixth Form students, with all of our speakers drawn from BISC alumni. This cements relations between past and present students and draws on the deep experiences that our former students have had. Please register your interest in taking part by emailing: info@bisc.edu.eg 

The BISC Foundation Fund

The Chairman of the Board of Directors manages the BISC Foundation Fund, which is designed for gift giving for major school projects. Last year, such gifts have helped fund the major investment in IT at school. Please register your interest through the dedicted email address: bod@bisc.edu.eg