Our Community

We have a rich community of pupils, parents and staff, supporting the school and its students in so many ways. We seek to help our wider communities, to which we have social and moral responsibilities. This happens through charitable giving and through the community activities we support. Community involvement in school life makes for a closer partnership in the realisation of our common aims.

The British International School Society (BISS)

The British International School Society is a non-profit and non-governmental organisation which owns and runs the British International School, Cairo (BISC). Active members of the society have the right to attend the general meetings, vote on various issues, and submit candidature for the Board of Directors.

At the Annual General Meeting of the Society, active members elect a Board of Directors consisting of nine members who govern the school through setting strategic plans, policies and procedures.

The annual Subscription fee per person for the British International School Society is LE100. 

All parents are encouraged to join the Society. If you would like to become a member, please refer to the school website or contact biss@bisc.edu.eg for details.

Application for Society Membership (BISS)