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News from BISC Alumni

Recent News as of September 2006

Anthony Kirkham

BISC Graduate 1986

I was at BISC from 1982 to 1986. I was part of ĎCheopsí when the houses were named after the three pyramids. If I remember correctly Cheops used to wear blue on sports day, Chephren was in red and Myceranous (is that right) wore green. Are the houses still the same or are they now called something else? Sports day used to be great fun and I have fond memories of it. Mr. Blakeley was head of PE back then and it was always a good sunny day. We used to play football against the American school teams (CAC) in Heliopolis. During the week weíd play with a bottle top up on the roof when the playground used to be there! If I ever go back, Iíll be disappointed if theyíve finished building the cathedral next door!

Personal email address:


Marcus Walker

BISC Graduate 1994
Despite leaving BISC in 1994 to move to Jerusalem, some of my happiest childhood memories are found in the old BISC buildings and amongst the friends I had then. Since leaving school I, I studied Modern History at Oxford, focusing on the late fourth century - which sums up both my, and Oxford's, concept of modernity. As well as doing a Masters, I was President of the Union and now work in Westminster for a Tory MP. My e-mail address is I would be delighted to get in touch with any of those who were around during my stint at the school.


Jolanta Wiśniewska

BISC Graduate 2003

I did my IB at BISC (2001-2003), now Iím finishing my third year of English studies at Warsaw University (two more years to go...)  and seriously thinking of taking International Relations in the nearest possible future. In the evenings I teach English in a Language School, which I like really much Ė sharing what you already know with others is fun! My greatest success is the  publication of my poetry in an anthology of Polish poetry  this year in May (I hope to translate it into English some day!) .


Although the collocation of "free" and "time" sounds quite odd to me, in my free time I like meeting my friends, watching Tim Burtonís movies or dancing. This year Iím starting international relations - I applied this summer and they accepted me at the University of Warsaw. Itís going to be a hard year doing both the English Studies and International Relations but Iím really proud of the latter.



Sami Kamhawi

BISC Graduate 1996

I can't believe it's been exactly 10 years since my graduation from BISC!  Upon leaving BISC in the summer of 1996, I went to McGill University in Montreal to pursue a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Economics and a Minor in Management.  I then spent two summer internships working at Arthur Anderson.  After graduating from McGill in 2000, I moved to Chicago to join Goldman Sachs in Institutional Equities, and have been there since.  I travel to Cairo quite frequently to see family and friends, and look forward to meeting up with other alums in the near future.  In the meantime, you can reach me at 

All the best, Sami  (I'm also curious to see if our records in Track & Field and the other team sports still hold ! )


Paula Munro

BISC Graduate

I have been delighted to be in contact with the BISC once more and to receive the spring newsletter with familiar names and places, sincere thanks to Kate for all her hard work.  The photographs are of me with my father (Neil Munro) and of my brother Justin with his new baby boy with both lads wearing the Ancient Munro tartan kilts.  Jamie was born in London in January and he is absolutely perfect!  All the Munro's are doing very well and would welcome any contact from old friends we made during our time living in Cairo.




Omar Farid

Graduated from BISC 2002

After leaving BISC in 2002 I went straight on to McGill University in Montreal to study Architecture. Lucky me, as Architecture turned out to be my true calling, so far... About a year ago I co-founded a McGill group called BuildAid, where we set out for The Philippines to start up and establish a low cost housing team in one of our affiliated NGO's over there. I will be graduating in Dec 2006, and hope to find a job by then.  



Ayoma de Alwis

BISC Graduate 1986

After leaving the BISC in 1986, I went back to Sri Lanka to finish Junior and Senior High. To this day, my sister, brother and I always say that the best experiences we had in school were at the BISC. It wasn't just the environment; it was definitely the teachers and kids too.

 I came to the US in 1993 and gained a degree in Media and Communications from Sacred Heart University in Fairfield, CT. College was fantastic and I know I made a lot of superb friends there that I have to this day. In 1997 I moved to California and got a job as a Marketing Coordinator, a far cry from being a news anchor as I had aspired to be! That job however paved the way for me to become what I am now, a Senior Graphic Designer at a Medical education company located in Los Angeles.

 I have been married for 7 years now to a wonderful man. His name is Shayan and we met shortly after I graduated. We visited Cairo in 2002 and I showed him the outside of BISC and reminisced about the wonderful school days I had there. :-)


Nour Mansour

BISC Graduate 1999

A big thanks to all those who were involved with the last BISCits Sporting Event back in April; it was a great way to get to see alumni we haven't seen in ages. It was also a superb way to get a lot of us lazy graduates to move around a bit. Hope to see more games in the near future!


Nicholas Ghantous

BISC Graduate 1991

I attended BISC from 1983 to 1991.  In 1991, I left BISC onto CAC, where I graduated from, but I had some of my favourite memories and made most of my best friends at BISC.  My memories vary from PE class at the Gezira Club and Soccer tournaments at CAC with Mr. Blakely to Art classes with Mr. Sowden.  I remember the many plays we were in and the Christmas Carols we sang.  I remember weekly school meetings in the two main upstairs halls, and having our breaks one year on the large Astroturf and the next on the roof.  My worst memories were of taking Final Exams...they were so hard.  All these memories, plus some others that are not worth mentioning, make me who I am today.  I left Cairo in 1994 to attend college in San Francisco Bay Area, California where I graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Marketing from San Jose State University.  I worked and lived in California for almost eleven years, and realized that working in High Tech was not satisfying, so I decided to tap into my passion for cooking.  I applied to Le Cordon Bleu Culinary Academy at the Austin, Texas branch, and just graduated in April of 2006 Summa Cum Laude.  I am currently working as a Chef at the Four Seasons Hotel in Austin, and plan to travel with the hotel overseas, maybe back home to Cairo.  If you remember me and would like to catch up, my e-mail is



Sarah Khalid Makiya

BISC Graduate

Well it hasn't been long since Iíve left BISC so not much to say. I graduated from Warwick University last year and Iím currently pursuing my masters degree in Marketing and Strategy in Warwick again. I have managed to keep in touch with most of my friends from BISC, two of which are actually here with me! (Mo Abdallah and Omar Ezz Al Arab) I'm always back and forth between Egypt and England, but moving back home for good in Sept. so will be looking forward to all the reunions...and if anyone wants to offer me a job please give me a call!!



Nandini Valsan

BISC Graduate 1994

I'm Nandini Valsan, a proud alumnus of this wonderful institution BISC. I did my entire schooling at this cubby hole in Cairo from 1982-1994, before proceeding to the American University in Cairo to do my B.A in Journalism and Mass Communication. I followed that up with a masters in Geography from the University of Washington, Seattle, and now I have a job that happily combines these two degrees...I am a travel writer for Stark World Publications, Bangalore! In 2002 I returned to the country of my birth, India, to make a new life with a wonderful officer in the Indian Army, Purushu Pillay. We currently live in Kochi with our two year old son, Rehan Valsan Pillay. I will be forever grateful to the education that I received at BISC and always attribute any of my achievements to the great foundation that I was given at this school. Now I only pray that I can give the same kind of experience for my little son when the time comes for him to go to school.


All my best wishes to the BISC community, past and present. If anybody reading this remembers me, please do send out a message. My email address is:

Best Regards

Nandini :)


Hamada Zahawi

BISC Graduate 1998

I am currently pursuing a Masterís Degree in International Relations at Cambridge University and then plan to return to Berkeley California to complete my Law degree.  So basically I am travelling, working and studying; what more can one ask for?


Kylie Bartelli

BISC Graduate

Well... I am currently in my final year at Swansea University studying Italian, and am due to graduate in July. As I am on a sandwich course I had a year abroad last year and went to Italy for a year last year and came back in September. Also I was a candidate at the Student Union elections running to be Swansea Universityís student international officer. The results came out on Thursday 15th of March and to my shock I won! The link to this article is:

So I am now part of Swansea university's sabbatical team. I'm very happy with this position as I now have a job lined up for next year, and it is a good thing to put on my CV. Anyway, Iím not sure what else to say. My final exams are coming up in May, so I have a lot of work to do. Essays and Dissertation.


Ahmed Tatawy

BISC Graduate 1997

I left BISC after completing my GCSE's then went to CAC where I completed my IB Diploma, following that I spent a semester at AUC then transferred to the George Washington University in Washington DC, I graduated with a double Major in International Business and Management information Systems.  After graduating in 2003 I started working at Al Ahram Beverages Company (Heineken Egypt) and am still there now started of as an Alpha Team member, which is a management trainee position with the CEO, then I took over the operation for Drinkie's (the retail arm for ABC) with another colleague and most recently I have been given the task to start up a Customer and Consumer relations department, making me the Customer and Consumer Relations Manager!.  I got engaged last November to Lina and we're planning our wedding for this summer


Lucy Cole

BISC Graduate

A little bit about me:

I am in the UK living in Twickenham.  Working as an Human Resources Officer, just about to graduate from university and gain my masters and HR qualifications.  Got engaged at Christmas to fiancť Michael, we are getting married in 2007.  Life is good. 

I have so many fond memories of BISC, it was such a special place.  It's amazing to have recently been in touch with people I went to school with when I was ten and we haven't seen each other for eighteen years! 



Laila Naga

BISC Graduate 1994

Graduated with a BA in Marketing and French from Middlesex University in London.

Worked for 2 years at the Royal Meridien (now Grand Hyatt Cairo).

I'm presently Catering Manager at the Four Seasons Hotel Cairo at Nile Plaza. Opened the hotel in 2004 and have been working there ever since.


Sherif Afifi

BISC Graduate 2000

I left BISC in June 2000 at the end of lower 6, I went on to study mechanical engineering at Concordia university in Montreal, Canada. I graduated university in December 2005, that is when I moved back to Egypt. I am currently working at Procter and Gamble Egypt as a Process Manager at the Factory in 6th of October city.


Emad Malik

BISC Graduate 2004

I couldn't forget the great times I spent and the people I grew up with at BISC; especially that it had been my school since childhood.

Right now I am graduating my high school in Canfield, Ohio to attend the Ohio State University in Columbus starting this September to study Engineering, and really excited about the next 4 or 5 years in college.

Currently there's a huge high school art show where I live, and luckily I had saved some of my art work from BISC for my portfolio. My art teacher seems to be more excited about the fact that the paintings were 'done in Egypt'. Please say Hi to Mr. Jenkinson.

Missing each person I shared a classroom with.


Dan Chalmers

BISC Graduate 1998

Hi All!  I graduated from BISC in 1998 after having been there for 5 and a half years and left to study Management at UMIST (Manchester School of Business).  After completing my degree I moved up to  Glasgow where I joined Ernst & Young where I have worked for the last five years doing a variety of IT audit and security jobs.  Iíve recently left there to work for Lloyds tsb bank which may mean a bit more travel to London and a few parties at my brotherís place.


In 2003 I got married to Jennifer and have since had a little girl called Leah.  Iíve kept in touch with some of the guys from BISC, and have managed to bump into Tim Lee at a client and Chris Johnson at a number of bars around Scotland!


Maha Aon

BISC Graduate 1996

I left BISC in 1996 after completing the IB. I studied Public Health in the US and left there after obtaining a BA in Public Health and French and a Masters in Public Health. Since then I've been working with the United Nations. First at the World Food Programme based in Rome and since 2002 here in Cairo with the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS). Working on HIV in Egypt is a fascinating and challenging job, but I do feel that I am using my brains every day and actually trying to effect some kind of change. I'm still very much into sports and just ran my first marathon (42.2K!) in March 2006 and plan to run my next one next week (May 2006). Still best friends with Reem Zahawi (now in NY) who left BISC a couple of years before I did and in touch with some other friends from BISC. - Maha



Ragy El Mahdy

BISC Graduate 1994

Studied at BISC: 1982 - 1994 (graduated)


∑Completed study at  AUC in 1998


∑M.A in Marketing Management from   University of Westminster U.K 2003


∑Managing Director of Zone Advertising at 77 Horreya St Heliopolis.  A Full service advertising agency with experience in TV, Radio print, outdoor etc. 

∑         Clients include:


o        The British University In Egypt,

o        Medmark

o        Oriental Weavers

o        Coldwell Banker

o        La Boutique among others,

∑         Married Yasmine Khamis (BISC Class 0f '94) on 25/09/2004


Fatema Reza

BISC Graduate 2000

I had joined BISC in 1997 in S5. I spent three years there, from which I hold many precious memories. Ours was the Class of 2000.

After completing the IB, I went to the University of Cambridge to study Natural Sciences. After doing Chemistry in my final year, I graduated in

2003 after which I returned to Karachi (Pakistan). I immediately started teaching O Level Chemistry at the C.A.S. School, where I had studied for 10 years. From Fatema Reza, I became Fatema Reza Zaidi when I got married in December 2004.  At present, I am teaching Chemistry at the Karachi Grammar School.



Franco Brazzoli

BISC Graduate 1997

I graduated in the IB Class of 1997. What I have been up to since BISC: I started University in South Africa in 1998. I enrolled in the Engineering faculty for a degree in Electronic Engineering. After two years of Engineering I changed programmes and enrolled for a B.Sc. Degree in Computer Science. I attained it in 2003.

I have been working since 2004 in the South African Defence Industry and at various firms, currently at SAAB GrIDS a subsidiary of SAAB AB of Sweden. I am a programmer but have worked in many other fields such as Logistical Systems, Systems Engineering and Operational Research. I am currently working as a programmer on a technology transfer project between South Africa and Sweden.

I married my university sweetheart, Lorinda, last year October 22. We met during registration in our first year. We dated close to 7 years before we finally got married after she graduated. We currently have no kids.

We live in Centurion, which is a suburb of the Capital Pretoria in South Africa.


Amani Khalifa

BISC Graduate 2002 

It has not been so long since I was at BISC (I graduated in 2002). I am currently in my final year studying law at Downing college, Cambridge University.  I come back to Cairo regularly during the holidays (it really is far too cold in this country!) and so would love to pop in and say hello if I may.  My plans for the future are a year of law school at BPP in London and then a job with a city law firm after that (with a cheeky 8-month gap in between for R and R).


Karim Beidas

BISC Graduate 1996

I am now doing an MBA at INSEAD, I have worked in Construction in Egypt and graduated from an electrical engineering degree, with a masters from Umist, Manchester.


Ugo Chukwukeme (Onwukeme)

BISC Graduate 1992

I attended BISC as Ugo Onwukeme, but I recently changed my surname to Chukwukeme. I was at BISC from 1989 to march of 1992. I remember Mr. McCormick as the headmaster when I left.

I went back to Nigeria in 2002, until my dad was posted out of the country in 1998 (he works with the ministry of foreign affairs). I attended high school in Rome, Italy, from 1998 to 2000, and in Paris from 2000 to 2002. Then I moved to the United States during the summer of 2002 to attend university where I'm in my final year of studying finance...I plan on being seriously involved in investing and business in general.

I'll be 23 this august. I'm currently single (enjoying my young years) before itís time to settle down and have a family of my own.

During my years at BISC I made friends with lots of people and I had a great time! I remember people like Habbiba Monsour (hope thats her correct last name), Moustaffa (same class as me), Jessica Conesbee, Kimba Macore...

Hopefully the newsletter will be able to re-unite some of us :) Thanks, Ugo Chukwukeme


Nirvana Zaher

BISC Graduate 2001

My name is Nirvana Zaher and I graduated from BISC in June of 2001. I attended California State University, Sacramento on a gymnastics scholarship starting Spring 2002 and am scheduled to graduate this May with a Bachelor's of Science in Exercise Physiology. I plan on attending graduate school in the US. However, I recently decided to take a year off and am still uncertain whether I will spend that year here in California or with my family in Egypt. I have been visiting old teachers at BISC (especially Miss Wellington!) every time I fly home for the summer holidays, and it's always so wonderful catching up with everyone and knowing that despite the years, some things never change... I think it's awesome that we're finally starting up an Alumni network so that old BISCists can keep in touch. I was honoured to be nominated for the BISC Alumni Sportsperson of the Season in the first issue of BISC 'life'.


I'm currently training for a half marathon that is scheduled for April 23rd, which is approaching fast (too fast come to think of it!) in Santa Cruz, CA. At some point throughout the rest of this year I would like to run a full marathon.

My email address is:

Jennifer Smith

BISC Graduate 2000

My name is Jennifer Smith, and I have an older brother called Andrew Smith.

We both went to BISC, and I stayed there for a good eight years! I miss it sooo much.

I am 17 years old (will be 18 in April-yay!) and Iím in my final year at school (Saint Margaret's School for Girls). I am taking an unusual number of subjects...for us here in Scotland Advanced Highers are the equivalent of first year University and most people just take one or two. Instead, Iím taking 3 Advanced Highers (history, English and French) and Iím also taking a higher (of a slightly lower level) in Modern Studies (mostly politics). I absolutely love it here in Scotland and, although there is a lot of work to do, Iím going to miss being in school.

Iím a prefect in school, Kildrummy House Captain, Debating Vice-President, a librarian and a careers prefect- a lot of responsibility and time-management skills required, but Iím having fun. LOL

I love drama and art...I got the school art and design prize last year and Iím currently acting and directing the school play. I also designed the school prospectus! I hope stay in Aberdeen to do art and history of art, and then travel elsewhere to do art and design. My future ambition is to work in the world of arts- preferably in theatre or film industry designing costumes etc....perhaps being a production manager.


Sarah Helmy

BISC Graduate 2000

I left BISC in June 2000, right after my GCSEs. I attended AUC for a while and then transferred to Concordia University (Montreal). I fulfilled my requirements to graduate BA Psychology in December 2005. However, as I just finished Iím still not working as I still cant find the job I want or see myself in. Furthermore I am looking for a job with flexible hours as I am committed to other things. I am attending the Modern Dance School (Cairo Opera House) which is daily. In addition to the dance school, I am enrolled in an Interior Design Program (Collage Studies). I just started and itís a 16-months program with a Lasalle College in Montreal (online program).


Osama M. Faris

BISC Graduate 1989

My years at BISC were from 1986 to 1989.  Born in Brazil, and having lived the majority of my life in Canada, BISC was not only my first exposure to a British school, but also my first exposure to my country of ethnic origin - Egypt.

Initially, I was confused - was I Canadian or was I Egyptian? I didn't speak Arabic...I didn't understand the culture.  My wonderful friends in S3, quickly straightened me out on that question.  Soha Amer, Hani Radwan, Gasser El-Mehdy, Gilan Sadek, even Seong-Hyeon Lee (a Korean fellow who was more Egyptian than me!) - they all quickly and efficiently showed me my wrongful ways and brought forth my "Egyptianety".  God Bless them all.

The years I spent at BISC were phenomenal.  The school was warm and the teachers were amazing.  What I gained academically was at par with what I learned in worldly matters and affaires of humanity. Mr. Mulqueen, Mr. Richards, Mr. Atkinson, Mr. Blakeley, Mr. Burgess all come very quickly to mind.  They were passionate, inspiring, and knowledgeable and loved what they did.  They were true teachers of their respective subjects and mentors to our young minds.  What they taught me continues to affect my life to this day.

Moving on - I graduated with my GCSE O Levels and said goodbye to my wonderful classmates.  My Dad was still stationed in Cairo so I decided to continue to study for a couple of years at the University of Cairo and then at Ain Shams.  I then returned to Montreal, Quebec, my original home - and completed my Bachelors Degree in Microbiology from McGill University.  Soon after, I obtained my Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer designation and commenced working as a network engineer. 

In 1995, I was able to return to Cairo on a Canadian Government project for 1 year.  During this year, I met my wife, Gihane, and we were married in August 1995. 

In 1998 I opened my own network services business, and I continue to run it to this day.  In 1999 we had out first child, Yusuf and in 2000 we had our second, Nourjehan.  We are currently expecting our third in November of 2006.

I think back often and remember the other wonderful friends who graduated with me from BISC.  I wish them all well and hope to find ways of communicating with them through this newsletter.

My last trip to Egypt was in January of 2006.  I thought of visiting the school - but I must admit, was a little hesitant to do so - so many years have gone by - who would I have to see?  I wish to walk down the hallways and look into the classrooms and breathe in the air of those wonderful years spent at BISC.



Ahmed Barakat

BISC Graduate 2001

Where do I start? It seems like only yesterday that I was at BISC. Unlike most people, I spent each of my three years of university at different schools. I first studied at the University of Virginia's School of Architecture, took an elective in International Business and decided I wanted to change my major to Business. I came to AUC for the following year to take business courses then transferred to The George Washington University, where I graduated with a BBA in International Business.


Once I graduated, I moved to New York for a year and worked at the American Depositary Receipts Division of The Bank of New York, which was one of the best experiences of my life. I moved back to Cairo last summer and I am currently the Investor Relations Analyst at Telecom Egypt, which has been a great exposure so far.


Best Advice: Never Look Back, Always Look Forward




Gitanjali D'Souza

BISC Graduate

I was at BISC from 1982 - 1987, and my fondest school memories are of my BISC years. I would love to get in touch with anyone who was at BISC during that time - my email id is


I got married in 2002 and am currently living in Doha, Qatar with my husband Ryan. Been here 4 and a half years now, and looking forward to visiting Cairo again someday soon. Somehow don't think there are any BISC people here, in this tiny country, but if there are, then drop me a line!



Lewis Lang

BISC Graduate 1995

After leaving BISC 1995, I (along with a few others) went to UMIST in Manchester, where I read Management.  Once I graduated, I spent a year in the South of the UK, performing a few 'temp' jobs, and one-off contracts.

I found this some-what mundane, and after reading an article about the proposed New Years Eve celebrations in Sydney (Australia), I decided that I had to be there.  A one way ticket to Australia (in time for the millennium celebrations), and nearly seven years later, I am still here.


Initially, I performed a few more 'casual' jobs, ranging from a 'removalist' to a deck hand on the 'Bounty' (of 'Mutiny on the Bounty' fame) replica - this was a job that I kept for 4 years, part-time, as it was so much fun.  I also managed to get a 'permanent' job at IBM, initially working on the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games.  I am still with IBM, and now look after the Asia Pacific program office for one of our business units.


Recently, I also got married (to an Australian).  Keighly and I were also fortunate to visit Egypt late last year, and it was great to visit the school again, and catch-up with a few people.  It is surreal visiting places of your school-days!



Charles Otieno

BISC Graduate 1984

My name is Charles Otieno and I am an alumnus of BISC Class of '84.  How do I go about registering and getting in touch with old friends, Maher Maksoud, Helmy Zeidy, Funmi Olukoya, Freddy Malak, Keith Farnes, Sukarn Gajaseni, Daniel Maimbo et al.  What became of all the good old teachers, Mr Stebbing, Ms Green, Mrs Dixon, Mrs Farnes, Mr & Mrs Casbon et al?

Am Kenyan and did my O levels at BISC in 84, Moved to UK and did A levels 86, ACCA Accounting London UK till 1990, when I decided to back to school, Brock University, Ontario, Canada BA (Hons) Politics, graduated 1994, LLM International Law Hull University UK 1997, Married 2 Kids, Currently living and working in Kigali, Rwanda.  Any info will be highly appreciated.


Yasmine Seoud

BISC Graduate

I was really glad to receive a copy of the newsletter; itís a great way to stay in touch with old classmates.  After graduating from BISC, I studied at AUC for 1 year then I moved to Montreal, Canada, where I graduated from Concordia University with a Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing.  I then moved back to Egypt and worked at Abercrombie & Kent, Egypt.  A year and half later I moved to Vienna, Austria for one year.  I got married in August 2003 to Nabil El-Naggar and we now live in San Diego, California.  I am currently managing a small cafť/restaurant and we are expecting our first baby!

Neveen Hosny

BISC Graduate

Am currently living in Surrey working for the Institute of Cancer Research as a Research Officer.


Sandra Ramses

BISC Graduate

McGill University, Year 1, Studying General Management, major


Richard Currie

BISC Graduate

Currently studying for his A Levels has applied to take a degree of Ancient History.  At present making up his mind on which offer to take.


Helen Currie 

BISC Graduate

Will be taking her GCSE's this summer and plans to take Biology, Chemistry, Geography and Philosophy & Ethics next year.


Rita Beidas

BISC Graduate 1999

After leaving BISC I moved to London to study at King's College London. I graduated in 2002 with a B.Sc in Business Management and am now working in the Conferences division of The Economist in London. I am still in touch with a lot of ex-biscuits and I think it would be a good idea to have a big reunion soon!



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