U13 BSME 2017

U13 BSME, Wednesday 18th January 2017

Day 1: 

On Wednesday 18th January, the U13 BSME team headed off to Abu Dhabi, for the U13 BSME Games 2017. The team had spent a number of weeks preparing for this event and finally it was time to put all that training into action on the courts, field and athletics track.

The first day was mainly spent travelling to Abu Dhabi, the team arrived quite late in the evening and they were shown straight to their rooms and to the cafeteria for dinner. Each school was given a floor to themselves at the New York Abu Dhabi University accommodation, which included our very own common room. Once everyone had settled into their rooms and we had completed the team meeting, it was straight to bed in preparation for the first day of competitions.

Day 2: 

It was the first day of the tournaments; boys’ volleyball and girls’ football.

The boys worked incredibly well as a team, with fantastic communication with one another throughout. Unfortunately, in the second game of the tournament, Ali took a hit to the face and had to withdraw from playing for the rest of the day. However, he insisted on sitting at the sideline and continued to support his team. The boys won their first three games, moving them into the tier one for the next stage of the tournament. After some tough competition, the boys finished Sixth overall.

The girls had a challenging first day against the teams in their pool; they won one game, lost one game and drew another, moving them into tier two. However, they won the games in this tier, finishing at the top of tier two in ninth place overall. Tamara was also awarded player of the tournament at the end of the day.

Day 3: 

It was the second day of the tournaments; girls’ netball and boys’ football.

With netball, being a relatively new sport to BISC and very little competition on offer in Cairo, we knew the competition would be hard. The girls worked fantastically in every game, never letting their heads drop when goals were scored by the other team and enjoying the experience they were getting while playing against some of the best teams in the Middle East. A special mention needs to go to Emma for some outstanding goalkeeping throughout the tournament. After winning two games in tier two, the girls finished in thirteenth place, out of 16 schools, which was a great result.

The boys had an outstanding day, winning every single one of their matches. They worked so hard and persevered right to the end, to play in a gripping final, which they won 2-1. The boys were awarded the first place trophy in the presentation ceremony that evening. Hamza was also awarded player of the tournament. There wasn't much time to rest, as on the same evening the athletics competition for the 1500m and 4x200m runners began, which was to be continued on the final day.

Day 4: 

It was the third day of the tournaments; Athletics for the whole team.

Everyone was exhausted, but the team motivated one another and did amazingly well. Tamara and Malak, who ran the 800m, finished in eighth and thirteenth position out of 32 runners. Basil finished fifth overall in the 100m. Riccardo finished tenth in the 400m and Malika and Emma came sixth and eighth in the long jump. BISC also finished third in the boys’ 4x100m and there was a first place for Laila in the discus. The support from all the team for one another was excellent and everyone was very happy with the final position of sixth place overall. That afternoon, everyone attended the gala lunch, where each team was congratulated for their achievements and awarded participation medals.

As all the other teams flew home, BISC took some down time at the mall that evening and got an early night in preparation for the early flight, the next morning, back to Cairo.

BISC finished in fifth place in the BSME Games, which is outstanding. Every single team member worked their hardest throughout. Their sportsmanship and support for other teams in the competition were fantastic to see and the entire team’s behaviour and respect for one another was brilliant. The team was so happy with what they had achieved and showed that it wasn’t just about winning a medal or a trophy, but doing the best they possibly could, on the day, as a team.

Well done to all 24 members of the U13 BISC BSME Games Team.