Sports Report

Under 11 Girls’ Netball, Friday 10th February 2017

The BSME Under 11 Girl’s Netball team played against El Alsson in a series of games, to help both teams prepare for the BSME games in March.

Our girls played well and were able to practice some of their set plays, from centre passes and back lines, they played a variety of positions to find their best fit. We still need to play some tougher competition to finalise ‘who will be playing where’. Malak Ehsan played centre very well and was able to cover the whole court comfortably, due to her great fitness levels. Leyla Ramadan shot excellently as goal shooter, as did Jana Gaber. Jana Gaber, Zeinab Bashier and Salma El Hashash also made some lovely interceptions as our defenders and they all worked extremely hard. Solid performances came from Maryam Banaja, Maya ElShishiny, Hannah El Ghamrawi, Aida Abdel Razek and Alia Abouel Makarem, who all played a variety of positions.

The next game will be against our own Under 13 team - some experienced players.

Under 11 Boys’ Rugby, Friday 10th February 2017
The Under 11 Boys’ Rugby team enjoyed a competitive morning of Rugby, when they welcomed ‘MBIS’ and ‘El Alsson’ to BISC.

On the day, it was clear that skill levels are clearly improving and that there were some fantastic team an individual performances on show. The final game; MBIS vs. BISC team ’2’ was the highlight of the morning; both teams were organised and extremely competitive, with the game ending in a hard fought draw.

Under 9 Boys’ Touch Rugby, Friday 10th February 2017

On the morning of Friday 10th February, BISC hosted a friendly Under 9 Touch Rugby competition that involved the participation of three Schools: BISC, MBIS and El Alsson.

BISC were able to field two teams, as were El Alsson, while MBIS fielded a very strong single team; this meant that the two Under 9 boys’ teams were able to have four games each, to gain some valuable match practice. BISC team ‘2’ began the tournament by losing to MBIS; they then went on to beat El Alsson team ‘1’, drawing against El Alsson team ‘2’ and losing to BISC team ‘1’. BISC team ‘1’ beat both El Alsson teams, then beat BISC team ‘2’, before losing to the strongest team in the friendly competition MBIS.

The Under 9 boys thoroughly enjoyed their morning Touch Rugby. This was their first experience of a competitive fixture. The boys showed some excellent skills when running with the ball, while avoiding opposition players, they also exhibited some good organizational and teamwork skills.

JV Girls’ Football, Saturday 11th February 2017

On Saturday 11th February, BISC hosted the JV Girls’ Football tournament, the tournament consisted of three teams: BISC, BSE and El Alsson.

As always, the girls worked very hard in both their matches, but they faced the usual problem of having no natural goal scorers in the team and they failed to convert any of the chances in both their games.

The competition came down to the last game between El Alsson and BSE, in which BSE prevailed

Junior Cairo Schools Swimming League 

This weekend sees the first meeting of the ‘Junior Cairo Schools Swimming League’ competition, to be held at Choueifat School, Dreamland. Five teams will be competing this weekend (total 140 swimmers); with two of those being from BISC. Such is depth that is growing from the swimming program here at BISC, along with the talent within the Junior School. So, watch this space for the results. 

BSME Abu Dhabi Swimmers, Tuesday 21st and Tuesday 28th February 2017 

All the children, who will be competing in swim events for BISC, must attend the BSME training on Tuesday 21st and Tuesday 28th February, straight after school. This training is essential for all swimmers, who will be competing in Abu Dhabi for the final preparations, where we could do well. 

The JV Boys Football, Saturday 11th February 2017

On Saturday 11th February, BISC hosted the JV Boys’ Football tournament. The BISC boys played four matches against: AIS, BSE, ISC and El Alsson. The BISC boys were under-strengthened, with some notable players missing and some unfortunate injuries. The tournament was closely fought and the winners were decided in the final game between BISC and El Alsson. BISC needed a win to claim victory, but unfortunately EL Alsson held on for the draw and claimed first place. Notable performances came from Ahmed Fayek in defence, Abdallah El Safty in the midfield and brave Yassin Hassan, who stepped up in the final game to stand in goal.