Rugby Under 16

Under 16 Rugby - Mr Boak

On Thursday, 13th October, BISC under 16s held the first rugby game of the season against El Alsson.

With El Alsson late due to transport issues the game had to be delayed by nearly 1 hour. However this delay did not affect our team, from kickoff, the BISC team showed from ferocious intensity, making solid tackles and cutting sharp lines through the opposition’s defence.

With a considerable size and weight difference between the two teams, the Al Alsson team painted a very formidable picture, however the BISC defence was more than capable of coping with their powerful runners with them often choosing to run down the 10 channel, where a standout performer Selim El Sharnoubi, would often be lying in wait with one of his textbook tackles.

With tries from the electrically paced Sherif Sami and bullish power of Ali Talaat, it enabled us to get the upper hand and pull away towards the end of the second half with a fantastic victory.

I would like to thank all of the players for their efforts, the supporters and all of the teachers who stayed behind to make this a great evening of rugby.