JV Volleyball

JV Volleyball Against BSE

The JV girls comfortably won their match against BSE 3-0. The quality of the team’s serving was strong, with Malak Choucri and Amina Moustafa being especially effective. What was especially pleasing was the fact that both teams attempted to play volleyball and tried to work the ball to set a player up for a smash; this tactic worked and Lyla was able to finish off a number of points in style.

The boys had a tight match against their opponents, eventually winning 2-1. This was a very strong team performance with everyone contributing to the game. Notable performances came from Farouk when spiking the ball and Omar Raslan and Sultan when setting the ball. This is exactly the sort of game that we want when playing fixtures as it was an evenly contested affair, which could have gone either way and both teams gained something from the match.