IYA Bronze Cyprus

IYA Bronze Cyprus, Wednesday 5th - Thursday 13th April 2017

The IYA bronze Award participants recently arrived back from Cyprus after completing their expedition. The students performed magnificently during their eight days away.

This year, we relocated back to the houses in the village of Kritou Tera, where we have had many a successful expedition in the past. During this time the students tried a number of outdoor activities, such as rock climbing, co-steering, raft building and kayaking. Then, of course, there was the hike. The teams set of for a two day one night hike, with only a map and compass to guide them. They had to carry all their own equipment, cook all their own meals and overcome all the challenges that they encountered.

The students earned high praise from our service providers for both their enthusiasm and their behaviour. It was a pleasure to see the Year 10 students working so well together, helping, supporting and encouraging each other. It was also very rewarding to see our students perform in a more physical and less academic environment, where they could show abilities, and receive recognition for attributes that are not usually assessed in school.

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the students on their superb performance. I think that we have a number of excellent Silver and Gold award candidates in this year group, and look forward to seeing them on future IYA expeditions.

I would also like to thank Ms Dalzell, Ms Ayad and Mr Adams for giving up their time to make this such a successful trip.