'You can't put a limit on anything. The more you dream, the farther you go' (Michael Phelps).

Sport is a vital part of every child's curriculum at BISC, from Foundation Stage to Sixth Form. 

Sport develops technical, social and personal skills, and keeps children active and healthy. It helps students to understand the importance of regular exercise and good diet, and gives them a range of contexts to make this happen. 

BISC benefits from great sports coaching within superb sports facilities. Curriculum learning is extended after-school with a major programme of sports options, with a good mix of competitive and recreational choices. These include: athletics, basketball, football, netball, swimming, rugby, tennis, volleyball.

BISC competes across a range of sports locally, regionally and internationally. At local level, there are competitions with other Cairo international schools (CISSA tournaments) and with other British schools (in CIBSA). At regional level, the school takes part in the BSME U11 and U13 games, and internationally, BISC is a leading participant in the COBIS Junior and Senior olympics.

Older students have personalised sports programmes, involving fitness regimes or out of school options, such as golf.