Serving Our Communities

BISC takes its community and social responsibilities actively and seriously.

We seek to do this in three ways:

(1) Engaging with our pupils and parents in organising community activities, events and workshops;

(2) Encouraging our teacher-parent-pupil community in joining together to reach out to the less privileged;

(3) Enabling external partners to take advantage of our resources for community use.

Engaging Our Community

The community of a school is its lifeblood. BISC parents are very keen to school support events; for example, we have a strong touchline parent presence and regularly see packed houses for our theatre productions. We are now moving to support dedicated community events and activities for BISC parents. We will also be resourcing specialist workshops on educational issues and themes of interest to parents.

Encouraging Community Responsibility

Our students play a lead role in supporting charitable causes related to children and education. We encourage this whether we can in both Junior and Senior schools. The Junior Pupil Council oversees charitable initiatives with younger children, such as the annual toy appeal for deaf children and the clothing collections for street children. In the Senior School, charity work has leadership status through the umbrella of the Hopeful Youth Foundation, a body set up by BISC students to coordinate and resource our annual charity work. Last year, students raised funds to resource local orphanages: this year, the project has been focused on the resources needs of hospitals that care for chronically sick children. 

Enabling External Partnership

In partnership with local developer SODIC, the school enables external providers to use its facilities for community use. This includes subsidised courses, business and educational workshops, arts & crafts classes, music lessons for the wider community, and major cultural and sporting events. Last year, we hosted the Cairo West ELFIT Sports Challenge and supported the Doum Cultural Foundation. We have plans to introduce a summer camp for students in summer 2016.

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