Making the Future Happen

Our vision is to enhance learning through technology.

We realise it in the Junior School with iPads and a range of apps, including Google Apps for Education; seeking to integrate across subjects and broaden our pupils’ skills and learning experiences. In the Senior School, all students are encouraged to bring their own devices for educational ends, based on myBISC.

Through collaboration within and beyond the classroom, children develop enquiry based research, information technology skills, and an appreciation of digital citizenship. Computer programming is embedded in the curriculum as a core subject and linked closely to other core subjects such as Mathematics and Science. Exploration through technology not only empowers pupils to achieve to the best of their ability whilst they are studying, it also prepares them for the world they will live and work yet to be created.

At BISC technology is used across the curriculum to enhance the learning experience of our students. Our school aims to deliver teaching at the highest professional standard by identifying, supporting and implementing opportunities to adopt educational technology in our programmes of study across the school. Highly dedicated and ambitious staff work hard to create an effective, contemporary online environment through which to deliver our online learning initiatives...

Supporting our people is a super fast network, allowing safe and security access across the campus. The site is fully wireless and students have access to the state of the art hardware. Integrating our use of technology is the school's renowned learning platform myBISC (built by Firefly Solutions UK).