Senior Learning

The Senior School comprises over 350 students, drawn from a diverse range of nationalities and backgrounds. Our students bring with them a wealth of cultural and educational experiences, personifying the value we place upon diversity and difference.

The senior curriculum is based on British principles, with students at Key Stage 3 studying subjects and themes drawn from the National Curriculum of England & Wales. At Key Stage 4, there is a wide subject choice of GCSE and IGCSE courses, providing students with the opportunity to acquire a broad and balanced range of qualifications. 

In the Sixth Form, we have two pathways: academic and vocational. Most students will study for the renowned International Baccalaureate Diploma, where we have over 25 years experience. A smaller group of students will work towards a BTEC Diploma in Business. Each pathway leads to some impressive university outcomes.

Students are guided in their studies by an experienced team of tutors who look after their overall progress and welfare at school. There is also a structured and supportive pastoral programme.

We believe in a broad curriculum. To this end, we are committed to offering learning opportunities outside of the classroom which take advantage of our excellent facilities. We have a thriving sports programme, an extensive schedule of peripatetic music lessons, as well as a broad range of extra-curricular activities on offer, such as the International Award, Model United Nations and Young Enterprise.

Senior students play an active role in their Houses (Anubis, Horus or Sobek) through a range of activities and competitions - such as, the House Music, the House Sports Day and the House Quiz.