Junior Learning

The BISC Junior School provides a broad and balanced curriculum and pursues excellence in both learning and teaching. Within a first-class learning environment, our teachers inspire and encourage our pupils to fulfill their intellectual, creative, emotional, physical and moral potential. Educational provision and standards are benchmarked against the best in the UK and the School is an accredited member of IAPS and COBIS. 

Learning, teaching and pastoral care are child-centred. Pupils are closely monitored to ensure their progress as successful, confident and responsible learners. Structured teaching is complemented by the encouragement of creativity, independent learning, and well-rounded experiences. Sport, Music, Drama, and foreign languages all feature strongly in rich curricular and extra-curricular provision. Educational trips include visits to Luxor, El Alamein, Alexandria and overseas.

The Junior School has a thriving House system. Each pupil plays an active part in their House (Anubis, Horus or Sobek), via House activities and competitions or through earning individual House points.

The positive values promoted at BISC enhance family and community relationships and develop international perspective. Our pupils progress to Senior School with a love of learning, a concern for others, and great memories.