Principal's Welcome

BISC is a truly international school with a strong sense of family and community. It is a progressive school that values differences in creed and culture, and welcomes students and families from all over the world. As Cairo's most established British international school, we serve those parents and students who are looking for an excellent education in a caring and supportive environment. We have a strong tradition of academic success and our pupils progress to some of the best universities worldwide.

Our students have the privilege of being educated in a beautiful campus with state-of-the-art facilities. They exercise such privilege responsibly, with a deep commitment to charitable giving and meaningful community involvement. The focus is firmly on children in need; in recent years, our students have worked with children from the Zabaleen community, Sudanese refugees and children from the deaf school in Old Cairo.

Our graduating students leave with fond memories of their School but with a zest to move on. They take with them the qualifications and qualities needed to face the demands and exciting challenges that the world presents. They leave with enduring friendships - shared memories of sports and games played, of music and drama, concerts and school trips, and a thousand and one other events and activities - as well as a deep and abiding affection for those great teachers who made it all possible.

Please contact us at any time to come in for an informal chat or to attend one of our Open Mornings.

We look forward to seeing you.

Simon O’Grady